EAG Sports Management has been servicing the sports PR, brand marketing, crisis management, and personal and business needs of high-profile professional athletes for almost two decades. A pioneer in the field, EAG has maintained its reputation as a leading professional sports public relations and marketing firm.


EAG Sports Management has been servicing the sports PR, brand marketing, crisis management, and personal and business needs of high-profile professional athletes for almost two decades. A pioneer in the field, EAG has maintained its reputation as a leading professional sports public relations and marketing firm.

About Us

About Us

We understand that the career of an athlete does not begin nor end with playing contracts. We emphasize the importance of working in conjunction with agents, teams, advertisers, and the media to develop an athlete’s brand on and off the field. We have proven, as illustrated by our many long-standing clients, that a continual PR and marketing strategy is imperative to building and maintaining a foundation for career and post-career relevance and sustainability. Adding the fresh approach and detailed attention of a company like EAG allows athletes to take full advantage of the career enrichment that can be attained through marketing, public relations, social media, and philanthropy.

EAG aggressively seeks influential opportunities for each of our clients to ensure that their brand not only remains relevant but continues to grow, thrive, and influence. We provide our clients with unparalleled concentrated service and, as a result, have maintained athletes for their entire careers and even long after their professional career has ended.

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EAG Sports Management provides hands-on sports marketing & crisis management services ranging from the most complex of marketing, publicity, social media, personal branding, crisis management, and event PR. From crisis management for professional athletes to customized PR services, we specialize in the development and execution of personalized strategies in the following key areas:

  • Sports Marketing
  • Endorsements
  • Publicity
  • Event PR
  • Foundation PR
  • Crisis Management
  • Business Management
  • Social Media Strategy, Execution & Maintenance

We also offer each of our clients our personal concierge services free of charge.

Our knowledgeable and experienced associates are experts in Entertainment and Professional Sports. EAG works to generate supplemental compensation to the athlete through marketing and endorsements, locally as well as nationally.

We work with such companies as Nike, Reebok, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, General Motors, McDonald’s, T-Mobile, VIZIO, and many more of the industry’s leading brands and corporations. Our publicity department works with each athlete individually based on a strategic, personalized plan to build and maintain a local and national brand.

Through our years of experience, we have garnered relationships with various advertisers and media outlets within the sports, entertainment, and lifestyle communities. Our clients have been featured in national publications such as GQ, Complex, Men’s Health, Maxim, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Journal, Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine, and more. Our reach in the broadcasting community transcends the sports radio and television market into the world of entertainment and the likes of FX, ABC, NBC, Disney, Nickelodeon, MTV, and SPIKE TV, to name a few. Because of our longstanding relationships with the media, EAG Sports Management has become the “go-to” firm for professional athletes.

EAG looks forward to personalizing our services to fit your individual needs.

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Our Team

Our Team

Take the right PR and marketing approach for your brand. Meet the team at EAG Sports Management and learn how we can assist you with your goals.


Denise White

Denise L. White is the CEO and Founder of EAG Sports Management, a company that specializes in handling those aspects of an athlete’s career that can be easily overlooked by an agent or team with an overflowing roster.

In the past 20 years, she has taken her company from an initial concept for a couple of clients to a major player in the sports industry that retains an impressive list of athletes. Throughout the incredible growth of her business, Denise has maintained her personal approach, leaving no doubt about the investment of time and dedication she grants every client. This wholehearted commitment and attention to detail is the secret to her success as one of the very few successful females in an aggressive, male-dominated industry.

In 1996 after a successful career in broadcasting, Ms. White chose to expand her sports business experience by pursuing an entrepreneurial venture. She had noticed a gap between the roles of player agents and front offices when it came to career management services for professional athletes. In the NFL, where teams at times field 80 players and agencies sign even more, it is easy for rookies and veterans alike to fall through the cracks. Denise used vision and determination to open an office where players could find individually tailored career assistance and development. Today EAG provides the highest quality service for athletes seeking marketing, public relations, event planning, branding, and crisis management. In one week, it is not unusual for Denise herself to coordinate or attend a red carpet event, a fundraising dinner, a network show taping, and a national magazine photoshoot while working on bringing an athlete back from a crisis management situation.

Amidst these activities, she can be found at a host of sporting events throughout the years. Denise can also be seen on CNN as a contributor to their sports stories. Most recently, Denise was featured in a seven-page Men’s Journal article where she was profiled as the "Woman who bails out the NFL's bad boys." Out of the Men's Journal article, Hollywood came knocking, and Fox2000 bought Denise's life rights to produce a film about her life starring Jennifer Aniston, which then was parlayed into a TV show with Netflix, due for production in 2023.

Ms. White has established her position as a respected leader in sports management through strong cooperation with leagues, teams, and agents. They recognize that Denise and EAG enhance their efforts to both promote and provide for their athletes.

Alexandra Ochoa

Alexandra Garcia

Vice President of Publicity

Cecilia Macris

Cecilia Macris

Executive Vice President

A woman wearing hoop earrings

Karson Parry

Director of Athlete Relations

Lindsey (Deierling) Finegan

Lindsey (Deierling) Finegan

Marketing/New Business Consultant

A woman in a black dress with a purse

Maddy Candioty

Athlete Relations/Jr. Publicist

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